DIY Resources

We have everything for DIY reclaimed wood projects including easy-install cladding kits, and a diverse range of materials to choose from, custom-made to your exact dimensions. Below is a list of resources that we have put together to assist you with the installation and care of your wood products. If you have any questions or comments please send an email to

Also feel free to message us with any videos/information you would like to see us cover. If thereĀ  are any techniques you'd like us to show you or if you'd like a guide for working with a particular product please let us know,

Cladding Kits

Wall Prep

Before you begin you'll want to prepare your wall/ceiling for installation. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Cladding Kit Installation

An instructional guide for installing one of our cladding products.

Creating variety during install

Tips to ensure your wall/ceiling has enough variation and achieves the look you want.

Barn Demolition / Other

Barn Walkthrough

A glimpse inside the building before it is salvaged

Barn Demolition

Time lapse: final part of barn demolition.

Repurposing 101

Short video showing how to make a coffee table out of an old barn door. A simple and affordable way to add character to your space.