Live Edge Slabs

Beam and Board has the largest selection of live edge slabs in Wisconsin (and arguably in the Midwest). Our showroom alone displays over 300+ current options with hundreds in the lineup, we’re certain we can find the perfect slab for your project! We currently stock Midwest hardwood and softwood ranging from Walnut to Spalted Maple and Costa Rican exotics. Every slab is cut and kiln dried on site to meet a top standard of quality. Not only do we have a great selection for our DIYers, we also provide services that include:

  • Custom Milling
  • Router Sledding
  • Sanding
  • Finishing
  • Epoxy

We currently have the following Midwest Species in-stock:

  • Black walnut
  • White pine
  • Norway pine
  • Box elder
  • Norway spruce
  • Blue spruce
  • Black willow
  • Elm
  • Cedar
  • Spalted elm
  • White oak
  • Red oak
  • Hard maple
  • Locust
  • Basswood
  • Spalted maple
  • Ash
  • Cotton wood
  • Catalpa
  • Chinese elm

Live edge slabs are available in a range of sizes – from just 2X13X33 to 3X66X129 and also smaller “disks”. Stop by the showroom and see all of the options we have!

New to the showroom – Exotic Slabs

Beam and Board is proud to continue its tradition of reclaimed material. Exotic slabs from Costa Rica will be arriving soon! These sustainably sourced materials showcase unique color and grain character different from the native trees to the Midwest.

Click here to inquire about our live edge slab inventory.

Species include:

  • Wild Cashew/ Espave
  • Pochote/ Pachira quinata
  • Paraota
  • Gavilan Limon
  • Monkey Pod/ Cenicero
  • Tiger Wood/ Ron Ron
  • Sandal/ Carao
  • Chime Tree/ Guayaquil
  • Black Manhood/ Manu
  • Snakewood/ Ojocho
  • Dragon Wood/ Sura
  • Old Fustic/ Mora
  • Gavilan
  • Machiche/ Comenegro
  • Freijo/ Laurel
  • Teak/ Teca