We carry several types of reclaimed wood beams that achieve different looks.

In the construction of the original building, the variety of hardwoods and softwoods used for beams varied by region. Whatever wood type was prevalent near the construction of the building was what was used to build the barn or industrial building.

On many of the reclaimed wood beams you will find mortise joints, holes or markings that are indicative of their prior usage. These unique features tell their story. For example, there are mortise pockets and other slots where other beams were attached. Patina may vary from gray to natural wood color.

We have an on-site saw mill where we custom cut and saw beams that have been carefully removed from barns or industrial beams from large warehouses and industrial or commercial buildings. We provide additional custom services, including milling, sanding, varnishing, sealing and oiling according to the customer’s needs.

Beam Projects

We provide a wide selection of beautiful unique finished products.

Beam Materials

Freshly sawn vintage woods from various available species cut to order.