Early colonial logging

Heart Pine

History of Heart Pine

Heartpine, also known as Longleaf Pine, is a softwood known for its unique characteristic of a center of heart. This heart is surrounded by sapwood- creating a dense, strong, hard, heavy, and rot/insect resistant center. These attributes are the reason the heartpine was nearly logged to extinction in the 1900’s.

First located in a forest that spanned from the South Atlantic to the Mississippi River, heart pine grew to an average of four feet wide and up to 150 feet tall. After maturing for 400-500 years, the lumber was timbered and used in a wide variety of building structures including, but not limited to, industrial buildings, bridges, and railroads. From there, its unique patina and non-replicable composition became the intrigent for many craftsmen as well as cabinet and furniture makers.

Although the softwood was lost to the roots, it was saved in the 200-year-old buildings that are now carefully being deconstructed by salvage crews who seek to repurpose the wood as well as preserve its history. This salvaged wood has grown in demand due to its aged strength which provides a preferable option for flooring.

Here at Beam And Board Reclaimed Lumber we are happy to announce that we now carry reclaimed heart pine. Our inventory of heart pine is absolutely gorgeous and we now offer heart pine flooring, mantels, cladding and lumber. For more information about adding some of this gorgeous wood to your home or office contact us today!

Heart Pine Mantel End Grain

Heart Pine Flooring

We carry heart pine flooring in 3 styles: vertical rift grain, premium select & natural character. Flooring boards are milled to a uniform thickness and straight-lined on both edges or sent out to be tongue and grooved.

vertical rift grade heart pine flooring

Vertical Rift Grain

Premium Select Heart Pine Flooring

Premium Select


Natural Character

Heart Pine Mantels


Heart Pine Mantel

Heart pine mantels can be made using our inventory of heart pine beams. Mantels are sanded on all faces and cut smooth on both ends to create symmetry. Mantels can be darkened using oils & stain. We can also texturize them using wire brushing and sanding techniques and finally they can be custom cut to specific dimensions.

Heart Pine Lumber

Loose heart pine boards are also available at Beam And Board. We have boards that range from 4"-10" widths with lengths available up to 11'. We can also cut boards purchased in our backroom to custom dimensions by the next  business day.

Heart Pine Lumber

Wide plank heart pine lumber

Heart Pine Information Request

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