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Barn Demolition Information

Old barns represent family and tradition, many times existing for generations of families for more than a century. For some, it’s a tough decision to demolish their family barn. For others, they are anxious to have a barn taken down, especially if no longer safe, or if weather conditions have already “started the demolition”.

We typically accept barn demolition projects within a 150-mile radius, but our contacts continuously keep us informed of good opportunities statewide.

The full-time barn and building demolition crew at Beam and Board provide advantages that should be considered before contracting for your demolition project.

  • In addition to being fully insured – a very important consideration – we do testing and permitting required by State law. Significant penalties can be imposed on the owner if proper testing and permitting are not done.
  • We are certified and licensed for the safe removal of materials containing asbestos.
  • We leave a clean site, and we are fully equipped with backhoes, cranes and Bobcats for project needs.

Paramount to all is the safety of our employees. We will perform only activities where there are no safety concerns for our crew.

When considering the financial aspects of your barn or building demolition, there are advantages to salvaging your building. By salvaging a significant part of your building, there is a savings on the costs of removal for the rest of the building.

To learn more about the feasibility of your potential barn demolition, please call our barn demolition experts directly at 920-309-0692 or fill out this form to start the discussion.