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  • Online sales: 
    1. Orders must be paid in full via credit card before order is shipped. No terms are given on online sales.
    2. If you need to cancel an online order, please contact us ASAP at (920) 544-5911.
  • Custom orders:   
    1. 50% deposit is required before any custom order is placed into production.  Deposits are NOT refundable if order has been placed into production.
    2. Custom orders require an approved purchase order and/or signature on final estimate.
    3. At delivery (for contractors):  25% payment is required before delivery.  Balance due within 10 days of delivery.  This requires an approved credit application or a credit card on file. 
    4. Pickup at our location:  Balance must be paid in full.
  • Orders not in stock require 50 % upfront deposit. Balance must be paid prior to delivery or upon pickup.
  • All Beam and Board (BnB) products are SOLD AS IS.  Our products are non-returnable.


  • Customer is responsible for arranging delivery of product.
  • Delivery terms are FOB. Once loaded for shipment, responsibility of the goods transfers from BnB to the Customer.
  • BnB will make every effort to work within quoted and estimated time for deliveries and pickups — however due to many uncontrollable factors such as weather delays, availability of appropriate trucking companies, equipment failure, quality checks and other unforeseen possibilities, BnB makes no representation that delays will not occur.
  • Deposits will not be refunded if the product is returned or service is declined.
  • For special delivery considerations, please contact our office, (920) 544-5911.


Reclaimed Wood Characteristics

Beam and Board LLC (BnB) reclaimed lumber products are one of a kind. Because of the nature of vintage, reclaimed or rescued wood, we sell variability—no products are the same—holes, knots, and cracks are sold at no additional charge. These features are part of the charm and aesthetic of reclaimed wood, hallmarks of its authenticity and BnB makes no claim that they will not be present in any order. All reclaimed wood varies in tone and texture, dependent on many conditions – such as; wind and sun exposure, climate and weather conditions, application of material, etc. Measurements of milled reclaimed lumber are not exact due to the nature of the wood and dimensions may vary.

The imperfections and variations in the wood make it unique giving our Customers a tremendous advantage –our Customers will have a hard time finding new wood that comes close to matching BnB products uniqueness, character and overall quality. Additionally, some of the very characteristics that give reclaimed wood its appeal also have practical implications to be considered.

Products are sold “AS IS”

With the exception of the limited protection specifically provided herein, all BnB products are sold as-is, with no warranties express or implied. BnB makes no warranties or representations relative to the fitness of its products for a particular use or in a particular location. BnB further makes no representations about likely yield percentages or waste factors for Customer use/application. It is the Customer’s responsibility to verify the suitability of BnB products for the project and to determine appropriate quantities to order, accounting for yield/waste issues. BnB encourages Customers to physically inspect products before ordering them whenever possible.


BnB’s finishing facility employs craftsmen that finish our wood by hand. Inherent variations in each finish such as streaks, color changes and other effects will occur from board to board and will be considered acceptable.


Although BnB products are visually inspected by BnB the Customer MUST check for damages or missing items and let BnB know of any concerns within three days of receipt. BnB also will provide, at the Customer’s request, other sources of information about its products to communicate information about the physical characteristics of its products i.e.: wood samples at a price, photos and other secondary sources of product information. Customers should not rely upon unauthorized statements (verbal, written or online) which are inconsistent with or add information to product documentation, proposal terms or BnB policy documents (including this Product Liability and Return Policy) whether said statements are from employees, partners or affiliates.


BnB product documentation and proposal terms focus on BnB product characteristics not on the practical implications of those characteristics for project application. Where documentation or proposal terms mention specific possible practical implications of BnB product characteristics (and/or set forth possible approaches for addressing such implications,) such terms are intended to notify Customers to carefully consider when deciding how and where to use BnB products. Nothing in BnB product documentation or proposal terms should be interpreted as in any way guaranteeing or warranting the result of a specific method of (1) addressing a practical implication of a product characteristic or of (2) installing or using BnB products.

BnB in no way represents that its product documentation and proposal terms capture all of the physical characteristics (or even all of the important physical characteristics) of its products, let alone all of the potential implications of those characteristics for application.

As a service to its Customers, BnB will sometimes make available information originating from others (research, articles, user feedback, etc.) which might be helpful in the process of deciding how to install or use BnB products. BnB makes no representations or warranties relative to the accuracy of this information or its applicability to Customer specific situations.

Treatment / Bugs / Nails

As normal procedure, our products are kiln dried prior to delivery which makes mold/fungus a rare occurrence.  The Customer must notify BnB of mold/fungus issues within 10 days of product shipment. BNB accepts no liability or responsibility for mold/fungus issues which arise after the receipt of BNB products.

As normal procedure, BnB washes, cleans, and kiln dries our products.  BnB may also apply borate and fumigants or other treatments in an attempt to reduce the potential for the presence of insects or bugs.  Due to the nature of our product, BnB does not represent, guarantee, or warrant our products to be free of metal, dirt, insects/bugs or other contaminants. Even when BNB removes metal from a product the Customer is responsible for verifying that the material is fit for sawing or other processing. BNB accepts no liability or responsibility for damage, injury or harm to people and/or property resulting from the processing or use of BNB products.

BnB’s responsibility for products which do not conform to applicable documentation (including the chemical treatment and mold/fungus special cases addressed above) is limited to the replacement of product or the refund of purchase price. BNB accepts no other liability or responsibility for rejected and/or defective products.

Delivery / Shipping Policy

Customers shall pay all shipping charges and any additional charges for special packaging requested. BnB recommends that Customers arrange to have the appropriate assistance and equipment available to move the order at the time of the delivery. Weather or other conditions could damage any product left at curbside so it is important to have adequate storage available. Please consider the accessibility of the street or driveway of the delivery address for large orders typically shipped on full-size semi-trucks or trailers. If the delivery destination cannot accommodate the delivery vehicle and a smaller truck is unavailable, Customers will be asked to pick up the order. If the Customer does not pick up the order within 15 days, storage fees of $100 per month will be charged.


DELIVERY TERMS are FOB. The delivery of the order to the freight carrier constitutes a transfer to Customer of title, ownership, and possession of the products ordered. The risk of loss for the products shall pass to Customer upon delivery of the order to the freight carrier. Customers may purchase shipping insurance directly from the freight carrier and upon request BnB will obtain a quote. BnB will arrange for shipping the ordered products with a commercial freight carrier as a courtesy but Customers are welcome to make their own shipping arrangements if they so choose. If Customers arrange their own shipping, they must pay for the shipment separately and to the freight carrier directly. As a courtesy BnB can retrieve shipping quotes on a Customer’s behalf, however the Customer is always responsible for the shipping payment; including any shipping insurance.

Delivery times are estimated and are not guaranteed. Shipping is subject to unavoidable delays caused by material shortages, strikes, accidents, weather, or other causes beyond the control of BnB.


The laws of the State of Wisconsin shall govern these terms and of any action concerning these terms shall be brought in the County of Brown County, State of Wisconsin. The parties to this Agreement have the authority to enter into this Agreement. If any part of this Agreement is declared void, the remaining parts shall be valid.

In the event of a dispute in a manner other than in accordance with this section, the Customer agrees that BnB may move to have it dismissed and that the Customer will be responsible for our reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and disbursements in doing so.

The unsuccessful party in any dispute arising from or relating to this Agreement will be responsible for the reimbursement of the successful party’s reasonable attorneys’ fees, court costs, and disbursements.