Our Story

With the creativity of an artist and the passion of a skilled carpenter, two men sought out a way to take these talents to the next level… They began disassembling many different and unique buildings across the state of Wisconsin in hopes of creating a usable inventory of artistic and aged vintage “reclaimed” building products that can be used in today’s designs to enhance their natural beauty. Their goal was to make sure that natural beauty and the original characteristics of each building’s lumber and elements were not destroyed. These two men created the dream of taking these old building products, old furniture, and historic elements and giving them new life in a contemporary setting. In their original buildings and settings, the appearance of these older building products, in many cases, looks lifeless and worn out…  When carefully disassembled and made ready to be creatively incorporated into today’s remodeling jobs, or builds, these products add unbelievable characteristics and charm to any job. BEAM AND BOARD was formed…

Today,  that two man team has evolved to an entire Beam and Board Team.  They have a full service reclaimed building products warehouse and office located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They pride themselves in scouring the entire Midwestern countryside in search of older buildings and sites that carry a story. Then each customer incorporates these gorgeous and vintage building elements into their homes, offices and buildings.  Take a few minutes to look through the pictures in our IDEA CENTER on this site offering numerous creative ideas.  From siding, to old hand hewn and rough sawn beams, to flooring and various furniture and building products, the ideas are limitless! Beam and Board has even shipped all over the world, including  Australia, China, Japan, and Europe,  as well as coast to coast in the United States.  So simply stop by our showroom on Military Avenue in Green Bay,  or call or email us,  and begin creating  your own little piece of history….

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